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Welcome to Sweetwater Studios

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s no substitute for what happens when you’re making great music in a great room with talented musicians and great gear. It’s a magical experience that you never forget. It’s what separates incredible, memorable recordings from all the rest.

That’s the kind of experience you’ll find at Sweetwater Studios. With our expertly designed recording rooms, near-limitless supply of awesome gear, and incredible group of world-class musicians, producers, and engineers, we have everything you need to achieve your musical dreams.

We’re housed on the campus of world-renowned Sweetwater Sound, which includes a beautiful music store and an enormous warehouse filled with the country’s largest collection of music gear under one roof. It’s a magical place!

First-timers and superstars alike find Sweetwater Studios’ unique, inspiring environment perfect for making amazing music.

Carl Verheyen

"Being from LA, I have made a living for the past 30 years recording at some of the most famous studios in the world like Sunset Sound, The Village Recorder and Capitol Records. The rooms at Sweetwater sound every bit as good as those studios. Add the staff, the gear, and the amazing campus; Sweetwater Studios is a destination recording studio unlike anything I have ever experienced."

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